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A hearty congratulations to Dr. John D. Eckrich on the recent release of his book, Vocation and Wellness: Renew Your Energy for Christian Living! Who wouldn’t like more vocational wellness in their lives? I learned about this via Facebook in an informal review by a man I very much respect, so I’m happy to highlight it for you today.


Lutherans have a strong voice and reassuring Scriptural message as they speak on vocation among other Lutherans or in the general Protestant world. (Roman Catholics appreciate points, too, though “vocation” has specifically monastic and clerical connotations for them.) Still, Lutherans can use help balancing their joys and responsibilities like everyone else. Hence, the reasons for this book:


Another vocation book, you might ask? But this one comes from a medical, Lutheran background.

Dr. Eckrich has served the St. Louis-area Lutheran community for 42 years as an internist and gastroenterologist, caring for numerous Lutheran church workers and laity, including serving as physician for Concordia Seminary students and faculty. There he observed firsthand the effects of the chronic stress of ministry on workers and their families and how it affected (in his words) physical, emotional, relational, financial, and spiritual vibrancy and joy.

What also needs to be mentioned is that this doctor has directed Grace Place Wellness, providing life practices to enhance vitality and longevity to ministry service, for 18 years! As such, he is available to talk individually or to large groups about health and wellness in your vocation whether it is to professional ministry or as a part of the priesthood of all believers in the numerous vocations that make up the body of Christ.

His book includes medical and spiritual foundations for practical practices in this book, guidelines how to add those to your daily walk in Christ, and correlated devotional and Bible study options for personal or Bible class programs.

Now, I consider myself a vocation girl, having written about it twice, once for adults and once for kids. Still, some help with vocational wellness sounds good and helpful to me!

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