Vocation and Wellness

Today’s post is a review of Lutheran (medical) Dr. John D. Eckrich‘s first book, Vocation and Wellness: Renew Your Energy for Christian LivingAnd, by first book, I mean first of three! Well done, Dr. Eckrich!

Vocation and Wellness Review

As a pastor’s wife, I see that there are burdens to that office. As a church worker myself, I experience parts of them. On the other hand, as a woman, wife, mother, and worker in this world, I already experience enough physically, spiritually, mentally, etc., to sincerely care about what a medical doctor has to say about the effects of modern life. Especially since Dr. Eckrich is also able to address spiritual and self-imposed burdens on a person’s body and psyche!

This is a very interesting book, both in what it offers and in the responses I noticed from myself as I read it. It seems to me that I’ve been more gnostic than I’d previously realized!

I aspire to be a servant and theologian. Still, I had not realized quite how gnostic intellectualism can be, even under those aspirations and disciplines.

This is a good text to help us chew on the fact that our bodies are under external laws. We have needs. Ignoring them, frankly, demonstrates an attitude toward the daily bread and other gifts that our Creator and Redeemer are already giving us!

There are aspects of law in vocation. We do well to appreciate how God works through them, curbing our pride, joining us to others, necessitating rest in the Lord, etc.

Reading this helped me to better understand my own perspective on self-care, as well as the shortcomings contained therein. There are practical tips and advice included in this very readable book. Personally, I most benefited from several trains of thought it inspired.

I deeply appreciated the book’s emphasis on baptismal life, and Dr. Eckrich’s point that God offers us entirely green energy—eternally undepletable—is excellent! Now, not everyone may appreciate the wide target audience, but simply enough do not pursue the resources presented as possibilities for those in other Christian denominations.

This is a good book to digest, and I look forward to digesting it further. As well as reading his other titles, Fear, Anxiety and Wellness: Journey to a Heart at Peace and Resilient Aging and Wellness: Mindful Stewardship of Body, Mind and Spirit into the Next Season of Living!

Thank you, Dr. Eckrich, for your work and for writing!

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