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Ok, sometimes when a girl starts giving things away, a girl wants to keep giving stuff away. My Blessed giveaway is over (Thanks, CPH, for the promotional copies. GoodReads will draw three winners any day.). Now Crossway has kindly agreed to follow that up with a Family Vocation Giveaway during the month of September! (Once again, thanks, GoodReads!) Enter to win one of five free copies.

Sometimes I wonder if this book slipped under the Lutheran radar since it was published by Crossway rather than CPH or another explicitly Lutheran publishing house. Still, Gene Edward Veith on vocation. Isn’t that enough to sell you on it?

Here is an Amazon link so you can look inside and browse content and reviews.

In some ways, this is my book of which I am most proud. Although we could have used another month or two to consolidate the first two chapters and smooth out another thing here or there, it’s the best organized project I’ve had the pleasure of working on, and there is sweet, applied Gospel for those in just about any walk of life or position regarding family.

On one hand, it may be more realistic than some expect. We address crosses as well as blessings. It may also be softer in tone than some expect, because it isn’t a book about fighting for marriage, for example. We didn’t write it to be yet another cultural battle in a cultural war. Sure, you can see our frustration in parts, but our God is good. He continues to shower us with blessings—including the blessings of family—over and over again, often despite the sinners we are.

Family Vocation is good enough that you should really just buy it rather than wait to see if you can win it. It is Lutheran, Scriptural, and eminently vocational, build on God’s Word, trust in God, and love toward neighbor. Enter the giveaway so you have an extra to give to your church library, your public library, or your early Christmas gift pile. Also good for church Bible study groups, wedding gifts, baby gifts, and retirement gifts.

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Family Vocation by Gene Edward Veith Jr.

Family Vocation

by Gene Edward Veith Jr.

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