Stephen Grant Sale

I don’t know how long the sale will last so I’m posting it now: there is a Stephen Grant sale, putting all of Ray Keating‘s Pastor Stephen Grant series’ Kindle books at $2.99 each.

Whether you are a long time reader or relative newcomer, this series is known for being one of the first breakout Lutheran novel series. It’s thriller stuff with politics, a bit of language, and a bit of . . . ahem, adult content at times, but it really is based on a Lutheran/Christian perspective. It encourages good even if it depicts bad at times, you know? You can see my reviews of the first five here.

I’ll lay the books out in series order below, first to most recent, since Amazon doesn’t lay them out that way. (Yet?) But do watch what you buy: for linked images, I often forget to specify Kindle vs. paperback. 🙂

Anyway, get Kindle versions for yourself now so that you can buy hard copies for Christmas presents! (Ah, November shopping. I face you once more.)

And, most recently, a short story/novella:

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