My First Exorcism

I’m not a dark person, but I do think that Christians in particular should remember that darkness, evil, and the devil are very real. (I’ll let you in on a neat something I heard: never capitalize names for devil. He doesn’t deserve it.) So, today I’ll add another review to my growing list on that topic: My First Exorcism: What the Devil Taught a Lutheran Pastor about Counter-cultural Spirituality by Lutheran Rev. Dr. Harold Ristau, foreword by Lutheran Rev. Dr. John W. Kleinig.

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My First Exorcism Review

The subtitle is a tease, of course. This Lutheran man has learned a great deal, and it has been from Scripture and experience.

This was an excellent read! Enthralling and at times riveting. Very informative.

Now, this is not an exorcism to do list. This does not contain a prescription for people to follow when someone seems possessed or oppressed. It isn’t that kind of book. In fact, it strikes me as the kind of book in which a very insightful man weaves together words in a way that powerfully demonstrates how God’s teachings go together.

I can imagine a pastor pouring himself and the lessons he has learned into a book. This would be such a book. Reading it was a blessing to me. Much food for thought, some good cautioning, and a few things I’ll need to ponder again later.

Even several weeks after finishing the book, I think the book is granting me good.

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  1. Yes, exorcism is a biblical and historical ministry. And it is only Christ’s authority over the demons that allows for their “expulsion” once they’ve taken up residence.

    This ministry is controversial because it is little understood, often misdiagnosed, and frequently responded to in inappropriate ways. Too many people apparently have their (non)theology skewed by pagan books and films on the subject.

    When reading your review, and skimming the amazon preview of the volume, I was reminded of a “doubting” AELC pastor I knew in Oklahoma back in 1980 who wrote a cynical book entitled “So You Think There’s a Devil.” After reading it, my first criticism was–“you didn’t mention a single New Testament passage!” So sad.

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