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Soon Ray Keating will release his new book, Wine into Water, the next in his Pastor Stephen Grant series. I will let you know the release day when its available. In the meantime, Ray Keating is having a great Stephen Grant Sale for kindle, so now is a great time to catch up on his earlier titles.

I guess I started reading the Stephen Grant series before I was reviewing Lutheran books so regularly. It was one of the first explicitly Lutheran novels I had heard about.

Looking back on it, I think it’s an excellent introduction to the concept of Lutheran novels. It’s got it all: action, intrigue, character development, etc., but it’s still explicitly Lutheran.

I know, I know. One needn’t be explicitly Lutheran to be a Lutheran and write a novel. At the same time, a major hat tip to you, Ray Keating, for casting a high church Lutheran pastor serving a Saint Mary’s Lutheran Church as normal enough to exist, let alone have a past, present, and future in this messy, complicated, action-packed world of ours.

During this Stephen Grant Sale, all five of the first books are available on Kindle for $3.99 each. That’s all five books for less than $20.

Here are the titles in order:

  1. Warrior Monk
  2. Root of All Evil
  3. An Advent for Religious Liberty
  4. The River
  5. Murderer’s Row

As all sales are, this is a limited time offer. It will run through the end of September and maybe a little bit longer (I suspect it depends on the upcoming release date.).

We may be in the last few days of summer, but consider including Ray Keating’s Pastor Stephen Grant novels—starring a former Navy SEAL, onetime CIA operative, and current Lutheran pastor—in your cosy-by-the-fire-with-a-book-in-hand fall.

You can also join the nearly five thousand “likes” for the Pastor Stephen Grant Novels Facebook page.

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