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Maybe one of you can help me out. I’ve been thinking about Martin Luther saying that the office of marriage itself has something of a power, like a draw toward good. A person might look at a wedding ring and remember he or she should be faithful. That sort of thing. What I wonder is whether there is a parallel in parenting. On one hand, I believe a child naturally elicits love. Can the love be rejected? Yes. But I think parenthood likewise inspires love, even if that love can be rejected. Can you think of any quotes or thoughts about such a vocational office pull?

All vocation comes from God, from His Word, within creation, etc. Except a few vocations are not His. I ponder that. He is not a wife or mother. He is more than a mother. And, He is simply other than a wife.

Motherhood can be idolized. Perhaps because its an example of naturally occuring self-sacrifice. Obviously we see just how well society approves of self-sacrifice! Sigh.

I don’t know whether I’m expressing myself clearly, but it may be that I see wife and mother as particularly human vocations. As such . . . should motherly love be abstracted? A bizarre thing to wonder, I know, but its sort of like the topic has touched my head, my heart, my training, and I’m philosophically (?) torn. The church should promote family vocations: yes. But mercy has to recognize how broken family relationships have become.

Or is love itself, which is perfect, holy, and of God why we can either experience or imagine such glowing praise about the idea of motherhood? Our recognition of the goodness of love? Then, we, as fallen humans, simply lack love far, far too often, including mothers.

Anyway, I’d welcome your thoughts as I appear to be going around in circles with my own. ūüôā As tends to happen, particularly as I too wish summer break could get here a little quicker! And, any recommendations about a vocational office pull?

PS. And, of course, this is made more complicated because non-believers do not recognize God’s Word so they would not see themselves as “called.” Still, God works through them in similar fashion, clothing, feeding, etc.

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  1. Deon Hull

    What is your reference for the Luther quote at the beginning of the article? That passage may hold some clues.

    Agreed that some vocations are not found in Christ, but Christian parent is certainly a vocation found in Him. Brokenness and sin are evident in every vocation and Satan works hard to attack us in our vocations and cause us to question our calling. Many times he uses our feelings to lead us astray. Remember at these times our assurance in our status as a baptized child of God. We may not feel holy or set aside for specific service and we may not feel loving or loved. Our feelings don’t invalidate the calling.

    I have three sons struggled many times as a parent. Some times I felt disconnected from my wife or kids emotionally but then I would be reminded that they really belong to Him. On some occasions I was more than willing to let Him come and claim them (J/K). Sometimes I had to remind myself of the vows spoken at their baptism, that I would raise them in the faith.
    The promises of baptism and vows of a wedding can easily be broken, but we pray each day that the “wicked foe would have no power over us”

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