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You may not know this, but few things make watching baseball better than Mollie Hemingway. She is a wit I have long admired, and I am so pleased she found a successful career in writing! The Hemingways, Mark and Mollie, recently taught a one-credit journalism course at Hillsdale College after the duo were named Spring 2016 Eugene C. Pulliam Distinguished Fellows in Journalism. Here is an interview they gave, answering how they got involved in journalism among other things:

What I can add, however, is that even before she entered journalism (at least, I think I met her before that), she was an influence on me in how clearly she thought and articulated matters of faith. She introduced a few notions to me that proved formational.

So keep in mind you might meet and greet an author anywhere. Further, you may be the author someone else meets and greets! Also, go to baseball games. I mean, talk to interesting people, pursue interesting lines of thought, and keep yourself open when opportunities come your way. Neither Mark nor Mollie could have guessed they would have written the things they have, and someday that may be true for you and me, too!

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