What do you think about writing clubs? Have you ever tried one? In my neck of the woods, local clubs are frequently a part of a statewide organization which sponsors yearly contests and a conference. The clubs, then, can act as a place for immediate feedback and support, as well as a way to network and compete. You can hobnob with speakers and pitch proposals with some publishers.

I used to belong to a small town writers’ club, but sadly that fizzled away. To be honest, it wasn’t quite ideal even while it was meeting, and a mom with young children isn’t in a prime position to spend weekends away from home.

So, what about you? Where do you go for local support? Are there regional organizations or conferences you attend (or wish to)? Does a community for writers appeal to you?

Insofar as it is possible, I’d like this to be a place of warm support and encouragement. I’d like to mingle practical assistance with professional friendliness, get to know more people, and root for some additional writers. My long-term goals include asking for guest posts from publishers and editors of various sorts. Short-term I may have guest posts sharing the encouragement and experiences of others.

Another option, for those on Facebook, is a group titled “Writing (LCMS) Lutherans.” This is a PUBLIC group with limited moderation. Hobbyists and all ages/levels welcome. It is not exclusively LCMS, though I hope it will remain a place for those of a kindred spirit with an “quia” kind of perspective/persuasion/worldview/theology, if you know what I mean. It isn’t the most active of groups, but it can be helpful to pop in with a question or two and get some quick feedback.

While you’re at it, feel free to welcome Gene Edward Veith to the world of Facebook, but don’t stay online too long. You’ve got writing you could do!


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  1. Alison

    Are you going to host a Lutheran Christian Writer’s Conference?!? That would be awesome and I would totally attend! I do like the idea of a community of writers. Friends are great, but as they look at your work, they are also familiar with your communication style. Sometimes, it is helpful to have someone who doesn’t know you all too well evaluate your work to make sure it is communicating what you intended.

  2. Mary J

    I’d love a conference! Great idea! I wonder how many would attend, if we really spread the word? Though I sure can’t be organizing that until my kiddos are older!

  3. I am a member of a wonderful online writers group hosted by CompuServe. We come from all walks of life, but are united in our love of reading good books and our commitment to excellent writing. Several of us meet once a year at the Surrey International Writers Conference.

    • Mary J

      I’ll look into those. Thanks! How did you initially discover the group?

      • I discovered the group through one of my favorite authors, Diana Gabaldon. She is also a member of the group (and has been since before she published her first book 25 years ago) and generously gives her time and wisdom to other writers. It’s a really great group and open to anyone.

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