Test Drive

I get ideas then I try to give them a test drive. I see how much I can write about it.

It might be paragraphs. It tends to include scattered bits of outline with lots of content under one or two headings with decreasingly worthy material following. 🙂

As a mom with young children who aspires to write and serve the church in that way, it’s like I’m taking a test drive yet hoping the project takes off like a jet!

Way too often I’m the one taking off. Taking off time from writing, time from cleaning, time from sanity, etc. Sigh.

I think one of the difficulties about writing is this: knowing how things “work” isn’t the same as getting things to work.

I’d sure like to work. lol Or to have things work all by themselves with little effort or anxiety on my part!!

Lots of ideas and projects worked partially through. So that’s good. Except one project worked entirely through would be so much better!!!

Oh well. Wishing you perseverance even as I wish for own. I think keeping perspective and a sense of humor can help us both persevere in such a  . . . pesky field.

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