I don’t wanna

Sometimes good thoughts keep coming to my head. I sit down at my computer and . . . the words just don’t come. I want to write an entire book at that one sitting, but . . . on the other hand, I don’t wanna.

I don’t want to struggle in the tension between what came to me with clarity and how to bridge that into however other peoples might otherwise be engaged right now.

I don’t wanna have to fight for it. I want to give it to paper as easily as I received the idea from heaven (That’s an analogy rather than a theological statement. lol) or any other vast blue horizon.

Some people will tell you that that means you aren’t a writer. Writers write!

Ok, folks. Writers do write. But they don’t do it all the time. The struggle is real. And that’s one reason among many that I am thankful to God that we are going through this together. 🙂

Happy reading & writing, folks, and, if you’re struggling, I’m with you! The struggle is real!!

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  1. Exactly! I think Claes Andersson, a well-known Finnish author, has put it well: he once wrote that one of the main tasks of a writer is to not write. ;-D

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