Computer Crash

It always seems like a surprise, but it shouldn’t be. Sadly this is not a clever analogy or anything else. Just a modern dependency throwing me into chaos and uncertainty. So, any advice for me? What helps you get through a computer crash? What computers can withstand an assault of children, offers basic word processing, and is preferably Skype ready?


Everything. Stinking everything. My needs are simple and computer sales people are not known for catering to us simple folk.

And, the blog. And, the proposal!!! I’m borrowing my husband’s laptop for the moment, but I’m not sure whether I’ll stay on top of the blog while we shop. (We’re not exactly located in a computer-Mecca. Should we buy from a store or turn to the Internet?) I fear anything I churn out on such a limiting time table will be lesser quality.

(Don’t worry—I lost a little work, but most of it’s safely on Dropbox. Yay, Dropbox!)

I don’t want to waste your time. Guess I’ll see ya when I see ya. Maybe this will give me the time to read Baue’s The Pilgrim and take a few notes for a review. Maybe this will convince my husband I don’t really have an Internet addiction. Ok, maybe this will convince my husband I really do need the Internet and a keyboard to call my own, and we can put this fearful time of uncertainty and limited typing far, far behind us!

Write extra for me, guys.

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  1. Alison Andreasen

    I have come to love Google Docs. It saves automatically to my Google Drive, which can be accessed from any of our devices, anywhere, anytime. Edit history is also saved.

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