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Technically, I think people should write about what they care about—or what they can’t help but write about. Still, writing exercises and practice have their place. If you just want to gain a little experience, or if you like a little guidance to help get your writing going, then here’s a little something that might help: an online source of open submissions.


I won’t lie. I know almost nothing about this, but sure looks handy. From the info page:

This site features current writing opportunities for authors of all genres, with a preference for Christian publications. The submission opportunities featured on this blogsite have been collected by Sally Clark. The source of the information is listed at the bottom of each post. Please check these websites for additional writing articles and information on submissions in other genres.

There is an Open Submissions page that’s nice and lengthy. Different denominations seem to be included and although glancing through I didn’t see anything Lutheran, there are Roman Catholic options, which suggests it isn’t an anti-sacramental website.

Personally, the Deadlines page intrigues me. Contests have something really, really handy: deadlines! And guidelines! Sometimes that’s all it takes to start a writing exercise and then enter it anyway, even though it was “just an exercise.”

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