Poetry Books for Kids

I want this blog to encourage writing, but I can’t help but think encouraging reading can be included. And, well, I’m at home with my many children, so my thoughts often turn to them. So, since this is National Poetry Month and there is poetry for kids, too, today’s post lists some of the poetry books for kids that I use.


Poetry Books for Kids

The bottom two are used in Memoria Press curricula.

And, because I can, I’ll also plug this one, too, because “Ooey, Gooey” is a family favorite.


Any favorites you’d like to share? Actually, maybe I shouldn’t ask. There are TONS of collections available, as well as collections of collections, and entire books written to sway your purchasing choices, but please do share if you’d like to.

It’s worth noting that so many books for kids are written in poetry form, because of the strengths and memorable nature of poetry. It’d be impossible to list all of those, although a list of those might be more interesting or useful. 🙂

But, there you go. A few books to consider, some of which are helpfully arranged topically to suit both either your mood or your moody mendicant. Or, simply on the off chance you’d like to read some ageless—or juvenile—poetry or share some with another.

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  1. Myrtle Bernice Adams

    Jack Prulutsky’s The New Kid on the Block
    Paul Fleischmanns Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices
    Eloise Greenfield’s Honey, I Love
    Judith Viorst’s If I Were in Charge of the World
    Naomi Shihab Nye’s This Same Sky
    Arlene B Hirshfelder’s Rising Voices
    Jean Little’s Hey World, Here I Am!

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