Suggestions & Submissions Welcome

I think a blog focused on words and the Word has a lot of options. I hope to talk about exercises people may have forgotten and tips to get juices flowing. At some point, I hope we can get into critique–it’s role and how to start implementing it, but to do that I’ll need participation.

I’m not a teacher here, but one who offers encouragement. Can you help me build a bit of participation?

Please comment with any recommendations. As I get more content up, more people will come.

Also, what would be better, a regular Saturday post or less regular posts two-three times a week?


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2 Responses to Suggestions & Submissions Welcome

  1. Sharon Schultz

    This looks exciting Mary. I love to write but sure need a lot of pointers. I have written short devotions, several presentations for groups and journaled. I have been really off track with my own devotions…since we moved. Not an easy adjustment – retirement.

  2. Blessings on your birthday! 🎂🍸

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