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You have to have a brain to write, and a good idea is what takes words and elevates them to a work. So today I get to introduce you to a somewhat less conventional book: something fun just in time for Mother’s Day.

You know how adult coloring books are increasingly common, even somewhat trendy?Well, a nice Lutheran by the name of Emma Speers recently started the company Whimsical Wee and what has she produced? A hot-of-the-presses, 20 page, original, fairy tale-themed coloring book designed for an adult and child to color face-to-face together, spending time enjoying color, whimsy, and each other.

In other words, a fun, inexpensive Mother’s Day gift! A little mother color may be just the thing.


It’s hot off the press and hasn’t hit Amazon yet. For now, check out their Facebook page.

And, ok, ok, it isn’t really just for Mother’s Day and mother with child.  Anybody can invest a little of their time enjoying each other with crayons, pencils, or markets in hand—Some ages are just coloring ages, and then the next age becomes a coloring age with a different medium.

Dads, get in there, too. If our divine Creator, who is quite literally THE MAN on multiple levels, delights in coloring the world, then I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to as well, under the guise and command of appreciating and tending creation.

Relieve a little tension. Bring out the little artist in you, your wife, or your little. Get those hands and fingers ready for a long future writing, and get your eyes refocused on some quality time that allows for side-by-side play. (It’s a thing. No need to google it.)

Adults coloring with children. Sounds good to me, and I really mean that. Not to sound hokey, but sometimes coloring helps kids to talk about things that are bothering them. I was fortunate to help the LCMS produces two coloring/prayer books for children affected by domestic violence or abuse. It isn’t all child’s play.


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    Hm.. Your FB link didn’t work for me. But I found it anyway!

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