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Coloring Liturgy

Want to know what clever Rev. Gaven Mize has done? He’s turned My Little ABC Liturgy Book into a coloring book: My Little ABC Coloring Liturgy Book! Brilliant!!!

AND, if your kids love to draw, you should be sure to download Draw the Liturgytoo, by the folks at According to Your Word. 🙂


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Mother Color

You have to have a brain to write, and a good idea is what takes words and elevates them to a work. So today I get to introduce you to a somewhat less conventional book: something fun just in time for Mother’s Day.

You know how adult coloring books are increasingly common, even somewhat trendy?Well, a nice Lutheran by the name of Emma Speers recently started the company Whimsical Wee and what has she produced? A hot-of-the-presses, 20 page, original, fairy tale-themed coloring book designed for an adult and child to color face-to-face together, spending time enjoying color, whimsy, and each other.

In other words, a fun, inexpensive Mother’s Day gift! A little mother color may be just the thing.

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