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I found out about a neat Facebook giveaway. Lumen Legends’s Facebook page, by author Tyrel Emmett Bramwell, is offering a signed copy of The Gift and the Defender as a prize in a Favorite Cover Contest.


Cover Contest

Pretty basic: Post a picture of your favorite book cover on the Lumen Legends Facebook page and you have a chance. Share with your friends.

Note: you aren’t crafting a cover and giving it away for a one-time payment in novel form. No one should ask for that!

Official rules are here, on Bramwell’s blog.

Novel with Preview Here:

Giveaway Thoughts

I do love giveaways. I’m still a bit grumpy that bookstores and places to physically browse are so much fewer. Giveaways are an easy way to get acquainted with an author. And, you know, it’s a very minor thing, but entering something and winning something can be productive: all you need to do is be a bit loose with the term! 😉

Anyway, it also helps spread word about blogs & Facebook pages. A small-but-fun thing to do to gain a few more eyes your way. And, publishers will sometimes donate a few books as publicity or review copies. Marketing can be such a slippery thing that just about any opportunities may be grabbed.

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