Review: The Color of Ordinary Time

Virginia Voekler is a Lutheran novelist, and I just finished her novel, The Color of Ordinary Time. My review for Amazon is below.

A Review of The Color of Ordinary Time

Published since 2013, this is an attractive, slim, and rather larger-print book. Maybe it is a size 13 font? There are also a few typos, but overall it is well put together.

No disclaimers are necessary: no sex scenes, no vulgar language, no unnecessary squirminess. 🙂 The story revolves around Keziah, an awkward but honest young woman, who still wrestles with the holiness perfectionism of her manic minister father. She has left home and become a teacher. The story takes place on vacation as she visits home, hoping her dad will be away on one of his crusade revivals, to spend time with her best friend and her warm and protective family.

Details like nacho chips and warm cream soda lend charm to her longtime friendship with Ivy, who introduces life developments of her own. Then her vacation presents Keziah with one surprise after another. Basically a story about life and choices, it provides good fodder for thought. There are scenes that explore the difficult dynamics of family members who convert to another Christian denomination. I hope it can raise awareness of the real pain people experience because of it. So often now people presume all denominations are the same when they certainly are not.

Although Keziah is supposed to be awkward, I found her attentive, sincere, and honest. I appreciated what she had to say and how she chose to help. Several of the characters, particularly the new pastor in town and Father Felix, are strong enough to suggest that this could be the beginning of a series. The title is clever and more poignant than some may realize. I only hope that the author considers elaborating on the color of ordinary time even more, bringing green and its symbolism more to the forefront, if subsequent books are written.

It was enjoyable enough that I hardly put it down after picking it up, which, as a mother of six young children, says something.

Good work, Virginia! I hope to read more from you!

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