Almost a Relief

The other day we took our smallest to a specialist and what we learned was almost a relief. Of course you want your child to be free of impediments, but its also almost a relief to recognize the truth and take it from there.

It is also almost a relief that I’ve gotten two reviews of Blessed:God’s Gift of Love. With all the second guessing I’ve done, knowing I wrote it at the single worst time in my life—numbers 5 & 6 premature, extended NICU time, and then the surreal experience of rebounding from that to caring for six seven and under at home.

I don’t entirely regret the experience. Still, I would have done things differently. With more time I would have made it more devotional, as I know technical things started bogging it down. I would have kept it a bit lighter and friendlier. And just maybe I could have gotten further by more interaction with my editor! I really regret that I didn’t try harder to send in chapter drafts.

So, I’m two fours in. (Please consider posting those to Amazon also! Fours are still good!) It is also a HUGELY REWARDING thing to know that at least one of my friends is comfortable giving me a four. I value the honesty and don’t need charity fives. I recognize the five star system is subjective, but I also want to be held to standards. I hope to be a serious writer and a serious contender for the Gospel. Hold me to that.

And, if you have any advice on how I can improve my writing or help salvage a more academic book for a more armchair audience, let me know. In the meantime, I’m sadly adjusting to the reality that I may not be writing much regularly for a while. I’ll try to blog—because any encouragement I can give you to write is well worth it—still, it’s an emotional adjustment that I seem to just keep on making. 🙂

Write for all of us, if that thought encourages you! And go ahead and give me fours on Amazon! 😉

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