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Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take a minute to remember a careful distinction. Writing daily is great discipline and exercise. Still, you may have connotations with “writing daily” that interfere with actually writing daily. Writing daily is not full-throttle progress down the road toward success. It isn’t juices flowing every second of that time. It’s just writing. Sometimes for ten or twenty minutes. Sometimes even that is in bits and pieces throughout a busy day. It’s still ok.

It still qualifies as writing daily. And, why exactly are you “qualifying”? It’s a great thing to write. A great thing to exercise, gain discipline, practice good habits, etc., but let’s not live by the law. Especially when that law is made up and hung heavy with additional connotations.

Jot something down. Preferably spelling entire words. 😉 Outline, note, whip out a few paragraphs: it’s all fine, welcomed by a blank page and a churning mind. Capture a moment, even if it’s just enough to glimpse what may be most fleeting.

I suppose all this is to say that writing daily is not as intimidating or time consuming as many people think it is. At the same time, I’m a big ol’ hypocrite, because I often lament, “I haven’t written in so long!” when, hello, I’m just not doing my favorite elements or working on a new pet project.

Ok, maybe grocery lists shouldn’t count as daily writing, but you probably do write more than you give yourself credit for. (Though why are we keeping track of credit, again?)

Happy writing as life goes on.

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  1. I love how you touch on how we create law for ourselves in the midst of this passion! Satan knows my buttons and does what he can to quelch my creating. Let’s keep making time for writing and celebrate when we do instead of feeling guilty about when we don’t! Thanks so much for this!

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