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Yesterday my post was admittedly under-enthused, but today’s is happier. Admittedly, it’s primarily aimed at women and maybe pastors. A good option for ladies looking to submit articles and built their curriculum vitae (CV) is Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly. In shorthand, it’s the LWML quarterly and its often eager to accept submissions.

Personally, I’m playing around with the idea of writing Bible studies for it. I have ideas for larger series, but focusing on one- (two- or three-) session(s) is ideal both for building experience, writing Bible studies as writing exercises, and getting my name out there. Still, there’s more than Bible studies included in the journal.

Have you seen one? You can look here for partial access to several issues.

It may not be a place for cultural rants or edgy work, but LWML does some fine work around the world. And, writing for Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly is a way to say your piece while also serving rather immediate neighbors.

Some of their authors write for them frequently. Some pop up here and there. Others make an appearance and move on to other things. We should duly note that some of their writers gain a significant readership from exposure through LWML to women all over the place!

Is Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly a magazine for you? I don’t know. It’s something to consider.

What else can I tell you? Hmm. LWML is an LCMS organization, but I believe there are several other conservative Lutheran denominations that support it and use its resources. It’s documents do undergo doctrinal review—admittedly, doctrinal review is at times subjective. I believe LWML is connected with CPH for their printing and perhaps doctrinal review; and, CPH editors are definitely aware, at least generally, of its authors and content, and it seems to me that some of the CPH authors got their start in the book or video series game via LWML experience and connections. So, see? Worth consideration.

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