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Writing for Magazines and Websites

Freelance writing includes searching for opportunities, and a main opportunity is writing for magazines and websites. Thankfully we have a guest post today, in interview format, to address some of our most common questions. Thanks go to Rebekah Curtis and Nicole M. King!

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Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly

Yesterday my post was admittedly under-enthused, but today’s is happier. Admittedly, it’s primarily aimed at women and maybe pastors. A good option for ladies looking to submit articles and built their curriculum vitae (CV) is Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly. In shorthand, it’s the LWML quarterly and its often eager to accept submissions.

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Sigh Together

A few people now have asked me where to send articles for possible publication. After all, articles get your name out there, as well as provide good writing experience. Unfortunately, I don’t have a handy list to hand out. Instead I have a few concerns and considerations (con and cons vs. pros and cons?) for Lutheran writers. I’ll mention them below so we can all sigh together.

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Where to Submit

In a sense, the question “Where to submit” draws the line between the writing hobbyist and the dreamer. There’s a sense of finality to it, at least for me. It’s like asking, “Where will I lay my hopes?” and, of course, that’s truly a part of it. So, while I would not presume to answer such a personal question, for now let’s consider some of the related questions that get us one step closer to finding our place (or places) in the world of writing.

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When to Submit

“When to submit?” How is that for a loaded question these days? But, with pretty much only the weekend remaining, when is a good time to submit a piece of writing for a contest or deadline? Would “time to spare” make you second-guess yourself or present well-needed, hopefully well-earned, closure?

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