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Hostile Publishers?

Have you seen this article yet, Banned by the Publisher? Nick Cole, who has had the privilege of a commericially successful book, lost a contract for fear a single chapter could be understood as socially unacceptable, “guaranteed to lose fifty percent of [the] audience,” and “deeply offensive.” Because it could be read as pro-life. Is that the kind of moral sensitivity running the publishing world these days? Are hostile publishers driving established, professional writers into self-publishing?

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Where to Submit

In a sense, the question “Where to submit” draws the line between the writing hobbyist and the dreamer. There’s a sense of finality to it, at least for me. It’s like asking, “Where will I lay my hopes?” and, of course, that’s truly a part of it. So, while I would not presume to answer such a personal question, for now let’s consider some of the related questions that get us one step closer to finding our place (or places) in the world of writing.

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Copyright has become complex in some regards and simple in another. The easiest way to copyright something is to have a tangible medium of expression. Yep, that means written or recorded on paper, tape, computer disk, etc. Even a scrap of paper is automatically protected as copyrighted under the Berne Convention 2(2). You can indicate copyright by means of the well-known © or lesser known—not even in my special character chart—p within a circle.

The problem is not having copyright, but proving it. To be honest, the other problem is respecting copyright. Continue reading

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