Thanksgiving Video

It is almost Thanksgiving Day! For your viewing pleasure, I present the Holderness Family Thanksgiving video that is making its rounds. (I also digress about genre, et al.)

Ok, I don’t really care what you talk about over Thanksgiving. In fact, it is pretty obvious to me that politics should generally be a subject of discussion to avoid the current extremism, more now than ever, but, um, ok, maybe not for a little while. Oh well.

Anyway, it really tickles me how they have discussion/concussion and nation/formation rhyme in this video! Allow me this moment to give thanks for all those who rhyme multiple-syllable words. 🙂

Also, to keep this post vaguely related to writing, what would you call this genre? Would it be a parody when it doesn’t actually make fun of the original song? If it didn’t bear such negative connotations, I’d call it cultural opportunism. LOL, cultural appropriation?! (What a time we live in.)

Whatever. I like it. Let’s write more parodies, alternative lyrics, etc.! A fine tradition! Making it a family affair just makes it funnier and the funnier the better—albeit multiple-syllable words must be used in rhymes! 😉

And, I hope you do enjoy your couch this week! (Thanksgiving video, anyone, or are you all football fans? Turkey sandwiches taste best in front of the TV. Sorry, bookshelf, it’s just true. Pie, meanwhile, can be amazing anywhere.)

I also wish you peace, rest, and a little time off for personal and family pleasure.  Thankfulness largely consists in resting and receiving God’s gifts, whether you’ve worked toward them or not, right?

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