Coffee with Cinnamon

My husband came back from a distant meeting one day and kept talking about the coffee there. Odd. Especially because he isn’t a fancy coffee drinker—neither of us are. Still, I emailed a friend to find out the secret and it’s simply to make your coffee with cinnamon.

You fill the tank with water as usual. You add coffee as usual, except you sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the grounds. Make the coffee and see what you think. Tweak to taste. Today I took the next step and tried it with cinnamon and nutmeg. In fact, I’d better have a second, then third, cup just to make sure I like it.

Coffee with cinnamon has been getting me through this season. It’s a little festivity on top of my unfortunate reliance on a hot cuppa.

Now, I run this blog to try to encourage writing, and generally I try to keep things about writing. With this one I daresay you can make the practical leap yourself.

Do you have any such secrets to share? Remember, we aren’t in competition here. 🙂 We’re free to share resources and all forms of encouragement!

Personally, I like my hot cocoa, too. You take 1 to 2 tablespoons cocoa and mix an equal amount of sugar in a mug or small pan. Add a splash of milk to make a paste, and then add milk. Heat. Marshmallow, if you are the type—and I certainly am. Enjoy.

I shall raise my mug to you today and wish you well! Maybe coffee with cinnamon can help you focus on the things before you, whether or not they are writing related.

Cinnamon coffee

Sugar then milk for color

Please sweeten our days

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