That Which I Ought

That which I ought to write, that I do not write. That which I ought to read, that I do not read. Will pleasure reading always be a pull away from project-related reading? Is this a lifelong condition or one I will grow out of?

If you are stalling out mid-project, this post is for you.

I pat myself on the back sometimes for being prolific. Now, it comes and goes, but generally I type away daily. However, could I even list all the projects I’m theoretically working on? I don’t even know.

I don’t want to know, because I don’t want more of a burden or guilt.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s go through this together. The day will come when we get into the right gear. Or, the day will come when those gears aren’t what matter. 🙂

I went back to tweak my Bible study—I think I’m stalling before putting it up for free on my free resource page, Crafts and Crafted for Free. And, I’m sort of sitting in a position of missing deadlines while procrastinating them at the same time.

That which I ought to do, I do not do. That which I ought not to do, I do.

Still, Christ is Lord of all.

We are free to take things one moment at a time, trusting God and loving our neighbors. Lists of projects? Aren’t another accomplishment, nor are accomplishments even necessary. Jesus is. And, we may seek the Lord where He is found: in Word and Sacrament, and even the lowly consolation of the brethren we sometimes find on the Internet. 🙂

Come on, Easter. Bring it on, Holy Week. “Sir, we wish to see Jesus!” (John 12:21).

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