Luther In His Own Words

Woo hoo! I just got a book in the mail yesterday! It’s Martin Luther in His Own Words: Essential Writings of the ReformationAdmittedly my advanced copy didn’t give me enough time to review it for today, it’s release date. Still, look it over on Amazon. See what you think.

The premise is very promising. Who wouldn’t want to hear Martin Luther in his own words, albeit translated? Ok, ok, so it’s really more about the essential writings. 🙂 I look forward to reading it, either cover to cover or, more likely, bit by bit. It should make some excellent supplemental reading, whether you’re a big Luther reader or not.

We can also note: yippee, a Lutheran published through a top Christian publishing house: Baker. (By the way, to see a list of the World’s 52 Largest Book Publishers, look here, while North American Christian publishers are listed here.)

Dr. Jack Kilcrease is an LCMS layman who serves as a lecturer of theology and education at Aquinas College and a professor of historical and systematic theology at the Institute of Lutheran Theology. (As an independent Lutheran seminary, ILT welcomes students of all denominations, but it does not endorse or approve candidates for callings. However, their Master of Religion, Master of Sacred Theology, and Doctor of Ministry degrees are applicable for any church body.) He has also written articles for Concordia Theological Quarterly, Pro Ecclesia, LOGIA, The Journal of Ecclesiastical History, and Theofilos.

Congratulations, Dr. Kilcrease, on your third book. May you have wide readership!

Meanwhile, we can continue to look forward to his next book, Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics Series: Locus on Holy Scripture! 

Once more, for your consideration: Martin Luther in His Own Words: Essential Writings of the Reformation.

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