A Reintroduction

(Blessed Easter Monday! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!)          I’ve had another book idea. It’s kind of basic. So basic, in fact, that I’m surprised it hasn’t been done. It would be a reintroduction to Christianity, suitable to hand to unbelievers, especially those who acknowledge they don’t know much about Jesus.

Maybe basic is what publishers like and understand. Something easily marketed and filling an obvious niche. I like the idea and I’m toying around with trying to type on it a while.

On the other hand, seriously people, how does one stick with a project and get it finished?! This is one major reason I’ve decided not to send in proposals until a project is completed. Maybe I’ll get fewer deals, but I never want to turn in something I’m not pleased with. (Who would? What could possibly make such a project worth it?)

Maybe you’ll like this idea and run with it, and in that case please do a good job. 🙂 Be Lutheran!

I imagine chapters would include:

  • An introduction (essentially acknowledging that sometimes Christians assume people remember cultural lessons about Christianity when that’s no longer particularly the case)
  • As it was, is now, and is to come (A concise, easy-to-read overview of God’s Promises, historical work, and Jesus. For example, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are famous as men who received promises from God. They’re in the bloodline of Jesus, even though Scripture is clear they were far from perfect.)
  • Faith and Belief (“I couldn’t believe that” is totally true. Faith isn’t a matter of falling for something, nor are all beliefs the same. Rather, there is the HOLY SPIRIT and LIVING WORD, plus Baptism, the forgiveness of sins, and the Lord’s Supper!)
  • The Bible: Roles of Holy Scripture, Not Just for Memes (A divine revelation, a sustainer of faith, a comprehensive web of brutal honesty and unimaginable hope! NOT all Law, NOT self-justifying, NOT just for memes and public monuments)
  • The Gospel Matrix (God’s revelations, God’s gifts, Jesus, interconnections all over the place; hence, Bible studies for all ages & education levels)
  • Christian Life & Lifestyles (Sin, morality, judgment within the church and outside the church)
  • Separation of Church and State (Prayer in School, public monuments, God’s gifts, two kingdoms)
  • Priesthood of all Believers & Activism (Sharing God’s gifts, sharing hope, confidence in the resurrection of the dead, etc.)
  • Letters, Jargon, and Denominations (Why and what do they mean)
  • Conclusion

I think a reintroduction like that could also be used as a congregational Bible study, because we are all woefully too forgetful.

This would have to be absolutely politically neutral. Not because the church should hold back, but rather meeting people where they are is like walking on water these days. Only Jesus manages! But if we can meet them, talk with them, clear the air a bit and allow some breathing time, maybe they will come to church next time we invite them.

(And, before people jump to apologetics, I’m suggesting we clarify definitions and positions. You know?)

Or, what do you think? What kind of resource do we have for reach-out purposes? I know Spirituality of the Cross is great! But that may be geared more toward Evangelicals.


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2 Responses to A Reintroduction

  1. This is such a good idea. I definitely think there would be a market for it. Meeting people where they are is crucial!

  2. Lisa Stapp

    This would be an extraordinary tool. Cool thing is that if 500 confessionally/doctrinally sound Lutherans wrote a book like this, EVEN IF we included the chapters you mentioned, they would be different. The teachings would absolutely remain the same, but the approaches to the conversation could be intricately unique.

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