Today I’m linking to an article that shows a great deal of perspective. And, isn’t perspective part of what writers crave? The insight and context of what’s around—and within—us? In particular, this post addresses Luther’s famous last phrase about beggars.

If you are a Lutheran, you know Martin Luther was a pretty amazing guy, translating, debating, shaping society and the future, etc. He was also an amazing writer. Sure, there are cultural differences. Sure, he sometimes addressed very different circumstances. Still, he came to have so much perspective!

Below is an article exploring the perspective behind one little phrase: a famous phrase, clutched in the dying Luther’s hand. “We are beggars.”

Read this to gain a little more appreciation for that phrase, that fact, and the power of a few simple words. 🙂

And, if you don’t think this is too much, let’s be thankful that our Lord gave us such a gifted writer as a theologian and pastor!


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