Knowledge of Him

I’m still finding resources for my free resource page, Crafts and Crafted for Free, so here’s another one: Knowledge of Him. Their goal is to provide free, easy to use resources that encourage you in your daily walk with Christ and pursuit of the knowledge of Him. Their focus is on encouraging reading Scripture and daily prayer, but I suspect they have plans to expand and they are very open to requests and suggestions. Woo hoo! 🙂

Knowledge of Him

Their free resources include:

  • Prayer Board and “I Prayed for You” Postcards
  • Valentine’s Day Printable Postcards that share God’s love
  • Daily Planning & Devotion Tracking
  • Devotional Journal
  • Worship Notes for Adults
  • Worship Notes for Kids*
  • Prayer Journal
  • True Hope: Seek truth in the midst of tragedy

They have also gone to the trouble of printing and binding some of their popular items.

Resources Available for Purchase (at cost)

  • Worship Notes for Kids Bound
  • Devotional Journal (small book fits inside Bible cover)
  • Yearly Planner

So, good stuff. I also learned from their “Additional Resources from the Web” and am happy I can how be included there!

Home friendly, church friendly, and sometimes slip-able into a purse or inside pocket. Good, good, good. Check ’em out.

May we indeed grow in our knowledge of Him!


*This is actually one of two worksheets I’ve printed en masse and set out on a narthex table.

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  1. This looks great!!!

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