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Howdy. Do you know about curricula vitae/curriculum vitae/CV? We could describe it as an academic’s resume. It’s an overview of a person’s education, writing, presentations, etc. There are samples online if you’d like to write one.

I think I’m going to add mine to my website. I’m not an academic, per se, but where do we writers fit in? Resumes would reflect day jobs, which certainly has a place. A curriculum vitae, however, lists articles, essays, books, etc. There’s a place for presentations.

Isn’t that more where we lie (or hope to lie)? Maybe a CV can be another writer’s platform since writer’s hope to establish credibility more than seek gainful employment. 🙂

Seeing it all listed out helps me have perspective. I’ve worked hard, if erratically, and I aim to be prolific. (Why in the world? No idea. Maybe because I’ve long considered my dad prolific. And Bach. Ha, maybe it’s a happy result of a nervous writing habit!)

On a somewhat related note, it turns out some people think I’m older than I am. I’m no longer some kicky youth, but maybe I am at an age where my work has to speak for itself.

Anyway, this CV fleshes out a biography better than a picture, although I haven’t done a final proof of it. (Who knows punctuation rules for curriculum vitae?!)

Meanwhile, you write and fill up your own pieces of white paper, too. 😀

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