God’s Harvest

Michelle Lynn Swope—who I introduced to you regarding her first collection of poetry, Through Time’s Looking Glass—has now released another collection to surprise, encourage, and ease your cares, one poem at a time: God’s Harvest.

I know that not everyone is into poetry, but Michelle is a remarkable woman with a remarkable family. Her poetry is worth not only reading but keeping! 

And, what a clever pun I can use to encourage you to consider and ponder God’s harvest! All the thought and grace involved for each one of us! It is a great topic, a great title, a great preponderance for poetry.

I’m glad to see Memoria Press has published her second book. It reflects well on both Michelle and Memoria Press!

Keep up the great work, Michelle!!!

Also, I coincidentally discovered just yesterday that her mother, Cheryl Swope, has homeschool lesson plans that tie together Memoria Press Art Cards. That is, religious selections from the full K-2 Art set are paired with lessons from The Story Bible

It’s a bit hidden away, but it’s labeled “Simply Classical Level 3 “Bible & Copybook Cursive 3″ Lesson Plans.” It can be bought in digital or print formats and looks super handy for a family like mine! I’m not sure how flexible the recommended ages (7-9) are, but I daresay resulting conversations will be age appropriate no matter what. I’ll use it with multiple ages, nine and under, myself.

Yay, Cheryl, for your good work with religious education, sharing the Gospel and biblical literacy with people from various backgrounds! And, warm congratulations to your daughter with many warm well-wishes to your whole family!

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