God Loves Me Such

There is another great Lutheran children’s book on the market now: God Loves Me Such That He Would Give by LCMS Pastor Gaven Mize. He and his wife, Ashlee, started working on this while they were expecting their precious firstborn (awwww), but now it’s a great gift for any child!


 God Loves Me Such That He Would Give

There are beautiful children’s Bibles out there and wonderful books explaining Bible stories. Still, if you want to be sure that your child knows the Gospel, Rev. Gaven Mize has prepared a book for you!
God Loved the World So That He Gave has fantastic illustrations, and the text supplies multilayered lessons. First, it really gives the Good News. Second, it contains real Scripture in rhyming form. Third, it’s vocabulary is richer than one might expect in a children’s book, and I think it really demonstrates well the esteem and importance of the subject matter. The Gospel isn’t juice that we can water down: it is the seed and nourishment of our eternal life–a life we happily share with our children!
Because of the vocabulary and content, this is best read aloud to a child until that child really understands and can call to mind the imagery and context. That isn’t to say any ages are excluded–they aren’t. I just think this is a read aloud for all intents and purposes.
I applaud the great illustrations by Ed Riojas!
This is a great book for Christian families. Furthermore, this is a great book for those who want their children to delight in the Word and Gospel of the Triune God. This is a good initial theology primer from a conservative Lutheran perspective. 🙂
Another great resource from Grail Quest Books! Which reminds me, I have to see whether The Creation, The Fall and the Promise has been released yet! It’s previews are a beauty!!

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