In the Beginning, God

Today’s post is a brief review of In the Beginning, God by Dr. Joel Heck, who has served on at least two respected Concordia faculty.

Review of  In the Beginning, God

This 80-page book is a tremendous blessing! I really appreciated how it went verse by verse in the Genesis 1 Creation Account to speak directly from God’s Word, addressing both evolutionary assumptions and general wonder and appreciation for God and His marvelous work!

Additional sections deal with various “deistic” evolutionary theories to provide a very capable apologetic introduction for pastors, parents, teachers, and youth who have questions of their own or seek answers for the world around them.

I’ll read this again and keep it as a resource.

Thank you, Dr. Heck!

In non-review news, I’m so excited to see that my apologetics section is growing on my Living Lutheran Author page! Woo hoo! Let’s see who else I can find, and be sure to let me know if you come across more authors for me!

Happy reading & writing!

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