GoodReads Author Program

Here’s a quick little GoodReads quiz to see how much you know about their Author Program. Good Stuff, both to know and utilize! 🙂

I’m far from an expert in self-promotion. I still beg my friends and family to post reviews of my books and, well, let’s just say I continue to periodically practice puppy eyes for just about every book I’ve ever written. 🙂

Still, the two things any author can do is sign up as an author with Amazon ( and GoodReads. They are free. They are a way that authors can benefit from that tangled web of internet commerce that generates sales! And, they are relatively simple and painless.

Sometimes a publisher will set up an author page on either site. But you, O Author, can join in! Your publisher is not really the one who presents you to the world: you remain your own boss in that regard.

I also like the GoodReads author program, because they have more promotional advice than I can read. Neither site floods your email mailbox or anything. Both you can simply check as often, or as little, as you like.

Let me know if there are reasons not to or more reasons to! Or if there are other similarly easy and free tools! Happy writing!

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