Wanting My Magnus Opus

I’ve been craving more writer community lately. I daresay I’m not alone in that! Do any of you hang onto an idea for years and years, hoping a certain project or two could become your magnus opus? But, um, not put any work into it? I’m just wanting my magnus opus and prayerfully stewing a while. Sigh.

I have two projects that are big in my mind. But I keep putting them off. Even when I try, I sit down at my computer and just can’t get myself to type on the documents. Sigh.

Part of it is I still feel like I have a lot of growth and maturity to attain. I want to have a bit of stature before putting the two things out there.

They’re also just plain daunting and I understand why other’s having accomplished it before me. 🙂

Then I’m chasing other genres and ideas. I turn to another “quick children’s book” which is never quick and never really intended only for children anyway. Sigh.

I hope I’m pursuing the writer’s life appropriately. I hope God will work through the bursts of energy I can give to it. And, that God will work through all my other stuff that I’m so much worse with!

I want community but sometimes I’ve got crickets. That’s ok. My other vocations will keep me busy. They’ll lead back to writing eventually anyway. 🙂

Not venting, per se. I just hope some of my readers understand what I mean and where I am. For now, wanting my magnus opus will have to suffice.

Conquer the world with words, folks! 😉 Here’s hoping we each get our magnus opus written eventually!

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