Ball keeps dribbling

I thought I was heading into a good time and place. I practiced and prepped. Got myself looking good on paper and sent in a proposal to an agent. I was going to post about how good it feels to have the ball in someone else’s court for a while! Sigh. Nope. The ball keeps dribbling.

How does the ball keep dribbling? I hardly have energy left for it! Give me a break! A week or two of waiting! Nope. Not going to work out that way.

In one of the fastest turnarounds from an agent ever, especially one from a reputable company, I’ve already heard back! Not twenty-four hours later!

The man was kind and encouraging; however, he doesn’t think I need an agent. Children’s authors rarely do, he commented, and I already have experience and contacts.

<headdesk, headdesk, headdesk>

I know there are supposed to be perks for being a published author. Still, how exactly do we let other publishing companies know that when they only accept submissions through agents?! GAH! Through writing conventions. But how do people even manage to attend those?!

The ball keeps dribbling. I’ve decided my next step. But sigh with me, guys. Writing is great, but writing as a gig is a full court press with frustration sometimes.

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