My Brother Lives in Heaven

After my post looking for a good Lutheran children’s book dealing with small sibling loss, I got my hands on just that! A great big thanks to the Lutherans at According to Your Word for writing and selling it! (You may be familiar with them for their free resources  for catechism, worship, and the liturgy). Titled My Brother Lives with Jesus by Anna & Samuel Gullixson, I review it below.

Review of My Brother Lives with Jesus

I asked around, wanting something that gives the love of Jesus and some solid answers for young children, their questions, and their concerns, following the loss of a small sibling death. I found it in this book!

This book is beautifully Christian, containing a Bible passage on each page (or two-page layout). It is by Lutheran authors and includes the comfort of baptism, since this particular brother lives in heaven after being baptized. Still, it also addresses unbaptized infant loss in a comforting way.

It is a thin paperback that you would give to a child, written as though a young child were telling his own story. The inside of the back cover gives Anna & Samuel Gullixon’s own story of loss. The first page has lines for the names of the child and the child memorialized, gift-giver, and the date. It’s maybe 20-22 pages. The illustration style is colorful realistic drawing. (The illustrator is apparently Lutheran also–awesome!)

I think this is a needed resource, whether a child has suffered loss or just wonders about it. This could be used following miscarriage, SIDS, SUDS, medical conditions, natural disaster, violence, etc. A beautiful resource for any church-going family, congregation, Lutheran school, or Christian library.

For additional information, including purchasing information, follow the link below.

Thank you so much, Gullixsons! I am sorry for your loss, but I rejoice in the comfort you have found in Christ Jesus our Lord!

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  1. Wonderful to hear about this resource! Thank you!

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