Small Sibling Loss

Edit: A Lutheran book has just been published! I’ll review it as soon as my copy arrives! Woo hoo!

There has not been a recent death in my family, but I’m curious about finding good resources. Do any of you have any book recommendations to help little ones with the loss of an infant brother/sister? Due to miscarriage or anything else? You know, small sibling loss? Below are a few suggestions from a deaconess friend, but we haven’t found one from a solid Lutheran perspective yet.

  1. Talking with Children about Perinatal Loss by Resolve Through Sharing Bereavement Services


Seems like small sibling loss would be a great topic for a free online resource! Maybe a coloring book? It would serve both the young and the older grieving.

Think about it. I’d be glad to host it and spread the news around! Maybe it could be sent to Synod and put on their website as a free resource!

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