Saints of the Reformation

The Lutheran Church–Canada has released a new book to celebrate this year’s important Reformation Anniversary! It looks really good! Titled Saints of the Reformation, it explores events, ideas, and movements, sure, but also “the story of people, individuals made of the same flesh and blood as we are. it is the story of their faith, their witness, their way of handling conflict, . . . .” etc. AWESOME!

And, this great resources is available in print for an exceedingly low cost here or free here. Consider it added to my Free Resource Page!

I don’t know whether it will eventually got onto Amazon or only stay available on Lulu, but isn’t Lulu a fun, functional site anyway?

Ninety pages of goodness. Get it and give thanks to God (and the LCC, including editor Matthew Block)! 🙂

Here’s an official press release:

Saints of the Reformation—LCC releases new book to celebrate anniversary year

I also want to say, “Way to go, LCC!” What a great gift to the world at large and Lutherans all over. The LCC has done a great job, and I’m very pleased to see it contributing quality materials during this worthy year.

Of course, ahem, every year is worthy, folks. Let’s all do our part, reading and writing away! 😉 For this Reformation anniversary, a baptismal anniversary, or just an any-old-this-is-the-day-the-Lord-has-made-Let-us-rejoice-and-be-glad-in-it anniversary!

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