I’m not afraid to admit I’m reading the book, How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your MindSeriously, who can blame me? But what I really appreciate about these tips is that they are applicable to a lot more than decluttering!

For example: “Every time you move, you’re fighting decluttering paralysis. Every time something leaves the pile, you’re making progress.”

Folks, every time you write a word, you’re fighting writers’ block. Every time you add a comma or delete a less than stellar passage, you’re making progress!

So often, we want immediate success when really things take time. Steps. Incremental improvement.

Every time you write, you:

  • Gain experience
  • Exercise perspective and judgement
  • Invest time into yourself and your project

Stop!!! Hold it!!! I can tell you’re already doing it, but do we really need to jump to “buts”? But it wasn’t enough! It wasn’t what I wanted! It wasn’t immediate perfection! I can do better! I should be super and super-all-my-writing-time!

🙂 Let’s leave the perfectionism and paralysis behind. Happy writing, guys. One word and comma at a time. I’ll raise a cup of coffee to less “decluttering” paralysis and much more investing into the little things that add up over time. Even if I sometimes have to take that by faith rather than sight.

And, if you need “permission” to do that as well, here you go: “Go for it!”

PS. I have no reason to think Dana White is Lutheran, but a hearty woo-hoo to vocational helps, especially multitasking ones!

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