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I thought I’d share one of my random writing ideas with you today. Basically, it’d be a story following this line: “You have no idea what it means to a spy to suddenly have access to library books on kindle.”

It’s not explicitly Lutheran in nature, but I think it could be awesome. Combine a fast paced adventure with the slower, more mundane aspects of life that we enjoy but too often take for granted. A spy would have outrageous late fees. Think about how much time they may spend on planes. And, what, lug a 400-page book around? But otherwise what do they do with that time?!

There is no way they stay sharp with an illiterate life! What might they read? What might they avoid? What tedium comes from all they have to stay on top of?

Personally I think it’d be awesome to emphasize the process of reading through a book:

Chapter 1: Finally, library books on Kindle. Online searches from anywhere and library access like a normal American! Starting a literary classic that’s been “on the shelf” for way too long! Life shouldn’t get in the way so much. Boom, boom. Major fight and then having to reread the first chapter again because he/she lost his/her spot.

Chapter 2: Daydreaming, comparing an author’s life with a spy’s. Sure would be neat to be off in a cabin somewhere. Enjoying the quiet. Kick, boom, bang. Kidnapped victim saved. Happy day. But, really, our hero is a bit socially awkward. Girl gives a weird look to the spy engrossed in his or her kindle.

Chapter 3: Paperwork. Compare paperwork with a novel. Or something.

Chapter 4: Why am I falling asleep while reading? Am I getting old? I’ll get my vision checked. I’m using a larger font than I used to. At least it’s easy! I can’t believe I’m listening to my mother on this one.

Chapter 5: Amazon has locked the account and deleted all the books because of too much international access. “They think that I have been hacked because nobody travels like this! Unbelievable!” And, “I thought I’d BOUGHT them! I have a license to kill but no longer a license to read! This world is not right!

Chapter 6: Kindle books are back online, but the kindle itself breaks. Not even from a bullet, just jostling in a getaway car.

Chapter 7: What do you do think spies do when they find e-readers during a room search?

Chapter 8: Maybe being a spy is overrated. I miss browsing actual physical books. What worlds still have nice book stores and why does that always have to be a cover location instead of an actual location where I can enjoy myself?!

Chapter 9: I am not nearly as sophisticated as I thought I was. Maybe I don’t even like this classic I’ve been meaning to read since that super important government figure recommended it as a life- and world-changer six years ago.

Chapter 10: I also miss the Sunday comics. It’s not the same seeing comics here and there, in this country and that. Crack, book, explosion. Of course, who has time for newspapers anyway when they’re on a job?

Chapter 11: I love dumb books. They are wonderful. They’re more like my life than people can dream: corny conversations, unreal situations, and lots and lots of stupidity and progressive decline.

Et cetera.

I don’t expect to write it, so take it! I’d love to read a book like that! 🙂 Or, does anyone know if it already exists? Let’s face it, how would I know if it did? How exactly would one search Amazon for that one?

Happy reading and writing, folks! And, may library books on Kindle improve your quality of life, too!

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