Scrooge! Ba Humbug!

New find from a Lutheran novelist and it looks amazing! Scrooge and the Question of God’s Existence, written by Steve Luhring, is about doubts about God and the Christian faith. It presents the marvelous scenario, “What would happen if Scrooge’s Christmas ghosts had given time and attention to addressing the existence of God, suffering, and purpose?” It uses a holiday classic as a forum to ponder common apologetic concerns!

I’ve gotten myself a copy and here is my suggestion. Buy it. Read it and see if it would make a perfect Christmas present, especially for those of literary or apologetic interests.

I’ll see what I can do to post a review about it sometime in October, ok? Because, let’s face it, we budget Christmas-ers don’t put Christmas on a single paycheck. We keep Christ and Mass in Christmas while, um, recognizing that shopping and church seasons rarely overlap.

This could be an especially cool gift this year, because . . .

  • “Ba humbug” has made a comeback as an expression.
  • There is a Scrooge movie coming out in November!!! Trailer here.
  • It’s from a new Lutheran author and we want to support him and his worthy apologetic cause!
  • Re-imagining is very popular now in literature and entertainment.
  • It’s edited and with a foreword from Dr. Paul L. Maier!
  • This may be an excellent way to bring apologetics to your believing family and friends who find non-fiction less to their tastes.
  • This may even be a salutary way to help those personally experiencing doubts about God and His mercy. This is a hard world, folks, and many of us doubt, even as we live in the means of God’s grace!

By the way, check out this awesome post that speaks about the original Christmas Carol and vocation, and this one to give you more background on where Dickens was coming from.

I’ll close this post with an internal whimper about the length of my To Do List and an excerpt from Dr. Maier’s foreword! 🙂

While Charles Dickens’ immortal story is a compelling tale of transformation, imagine what it would look like had Dickens been ambitious enough to have had Scrooge go on to tackle some of the greatest questions in life, such as:  Does God exist?  If so, why is there such evil and suffering in this world?  Is there meaning and purpose in life? An after-life?  Is freedom worth fighting for, and what’s at stake if we lose it?  These pages are bold enough to do exactly that, and do it brilliantly.



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3 Responses to Scrooge! Ba Humbug!

  1. Charles Lehmann

    I recently read a book about the composition and enduring effect of A Christmas Carol. I’m pretty sure it’s the most evil thing written in the Victorian period and has almost single-handedly destroyed Christmas.

    That being said, it’s a brilliantly crafted story, and I’d love to read something that tries to redeem it.

  2. What book did you read? Here I thought “White Christmas” was blamed for the downfall of Christmas “culture.” 🙂

  3. Charles Lehmann

    It’s called “The Man Who Invented Christmas.” I can’t remember the author.

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