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A sentiment/scenario was sent in and it really resonates with me: “I’ve forgotten my why. I can’t seem to grab hold of it for more than a few minutes and then it slips away.”

The irony is that at that moment I knew my why and countered with a “Why have you lost your why?” After all, sometimes (like the beginning of school or another transition!) you’re just off your game as you transition. It’s normal. It’s natural. It’s totally still going to be ok.

A few days later and I’ve lost my why! Life is so distracting and . . . full! One can suddenly look up and realize he or she’s been going on automatic or, more likely, tension-filled chaos control.

We might also, however, want to note that writers sometimes have mini-existential crises. An existential crisis can last a while as certain feelings and fears pass. They do typically pass! 🙂 And, ironically, existential crises are sometimes rather meaningless experiences after which you wake up and have returned to your previous semblance of sanity. I think of them as a result of overthinking when I’m just too worked up to calm down and remember with thanksgiving the simple meanings of life: love, reception, etc.

It’s actually a pretty modern thing to have a why for different areas in one’s person life. As Christians, sometimes we categorize it differently into “whos:” who needs me right now, who needs me most, or even who am I even serving anyway? Still, why certainly factors into it too. It’s a pretty major topic.

Have you lost some mojo during a transition period? Are you looking to transition into a more active period? Here’s some short and sweet advice:

  • If you’re used to having a “why,” then see if you can answer, “Why no why?”
  • If things are slipping away, is it a time, attention, or energy thing? Because maybe something like more sleep, more water, and more vegetables can help perk you up. Or marshmallows, what do I know?
  • Do you need a “why”? Are you putting too much pressure on yourself to conform in some way?

I love words in part because God communicates with us in words. Honest-to-goodness word to ear to brain and all the rest of us. Amazing!

I love to write because there’s so much crafty potential and so many needs that words can help address. I think I can write in mercy and that really appeals to me, as does exercising this brain and imagination of mine.

In the most practical terms, if things boil down to, “Why don’t I have time?!” I’ll give you one more simple piece of advice that I’m working on myself right now. Just do something. (Not Facebook!) If you just keep doing something, eventually, ahem, stuff will be done. That’s the theory anyway.

As an encourager of writers, I’m supposed to say write every day and that is the ideal. As me, though, 🙂 I’ll encourage you to try to think every day instead. The writing can catch up later as your thoughts have brewed and melded together.

Eventually may your why ease into why not!


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