Christianizing Robots

I’ve got a story idea to share today from a regular contributor to the Cranach blog, Carl Vehse, about Christianizing robots. 🙂

Frankly, I think that overarching topic would be great for multiple sci fi novels. I also suspect it would work well for a more unique approach I recently discovered in World Collider (a presumably non-Lutheran random BookBub find); namely, a shared-world anthology.

Basically, a group of authors decide on common occurrences and then write a single or multiple chapter story, interspersing them. It’s really a neat and fun-sounding thing!

Anyway, Carl’s actual idea:

[I]t would make an interesting concept for a short story about robots and computers, programmed with Christian values, refusing to help hospitals and Demonicrat [sic] medical staff perform abortions or euthanasia, and then expanding their control in other computerized areas to make medical staff, business, insurance companies, liberal churches, politicians, political parties, and liberal courts stop (and stop supporting) elective abortions.

How would we address what Christianity is when some are arguing for Christianizing robots? What would that really mean? How would that affect the preaching of the Gospel? The means of Grace? The Office of the Ministry? Responsibility for sin?

For that matter, how would it affect a character from a different denomination? Converts? Scientists/ medical personnel/ congregations? Law? Separation of Church and State, Two Kingdoms, the secular Rule of Law, etc?

It’s probably already been done. Any sci fi fans out there? Any book recommendations (Lutheran or otherwise)? Any tips for things to pursue or avoid?

Meanwhile, I’ll keep thinking about the shared-world way of putting together a novel. I think it’s kind of brilliant, although someone really sharp would probably have to put together the frame story in such a way as to weave really well through the different narratives. I mean, there’s different genres within one book, different tones, perspectives . . . I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it before. (Or have I? Let me know about that, too. ;))

Happy writing, folks. And, a blessed Tuesday to you.

And, in case you’re interested:

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  1. Charles Lehmann

    Dr. Strickert states his idea with his traditional level of tact. 😉

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