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Christianizing Robots

I’ve got a story idea to share today from a regular contributor to the Cranach blog, Carl Vehse, about Christianizing robots. 🙂

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Writing Education

Part of my writing struggles comes from my writing education. I was taught free writing. Look at a blank page and start writing on anything at all. Then, follow your thoughts however long it takes to write a certain length of time or page.

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Punctuation in Novels

Here’s a neat article with various charts—and pretty pictures—at the end: “Punctuation in Novels” by Adam Calhoun. The idea of looking only at punctuation, in novels or anywhere else, is pretty intriguing.  Continue reading

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Sacramental Writing

Consider the expression, “sacramental writing.” What do you think that could include?

Have you had time to read the First Things article, “Why Protestants Can’t Write, I” yet? It brings up such juicy concepts as 1) the relationship between symbol and reality, and 2) the impact sacramental theology has upon writing. Much more could be said about these, so that’s two more things you could write about.

What is the impact of theology on literature? Of an understanding of sacraments or the means of grace? How closely related are divine symbols and reality, and how can Christian writers understand the dimmer reflection of human symbolism in their own works? How intentional do we even need to be to let our Lutheran perspectives shine?

Writing-wise, there is a great section describing Flannery O’Conner’s sacramental emphases and portrayals—a fine example of sacramental writing in itself. In particular, this paragraph: Continue reading


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Let’s compare two semi-random stanzas of poetic hymnody: Continue reading

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