It isn’t Far

We live in unique times. I don’t always think of it that way, but it occurred to me that, for so long, the same needs simply sought different escapes. Nowadays people can’t even agree on what basic human needs are. As a society, we are actively blurring the few lines that existed throughout time and civilization. But, if you are looking for inspiration, it isn’t far.


I recognize that need is raw and sometimes paralyzing. It varies from simple to complex with untold layers of emotional and psychological matters at play.

Yet, as much as we might want to turn away, our Lord doesn’t. He sees chaos and void and fills it with good things and life. He did it in Creation and in rotting sinners, too.

In a sense, then, inspiration is never far away. There is always need, depths in humanity (and depravity), and the new life that the Holy Spirit mercifully brings into this world. There are elements of mercy and the conflict of the beloved unlovely.

Today I’m linking to a post by Chad Bird. It struck me because signs are all around us. We often don’t know what to do. We often wish we could do other things. Still, if writing is something we can do, then maybe we can use that in service, too. Inspiration isn’t far.

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