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Early Feedback

True story. So far every single one of my early readers suggested changing different things. 🙂 No overlap whatsoever. But you know what I especially love? In addition to the support and encourage I received, I love the inspiration that comes from other people’s thoughts and reactions. That is powerful stuff. Evidence of just how much we benefit from God’s blessings of community, friendship, and teamwork.

Thanks guys! And, thank you, Lord!

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My Why

A sentiment/scenario was sent in and it really resonates with me: “I’ve forgotten my why. I can’t seem to grab hold of it for more than a few minutes and then it slips away.”

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Vocational Jumpstarts

Odds are good that you’ve experienced a writing drought. Maybe you’re in a slump. Or a funk. Maybe too many other things are just flooding your schedule, but today I thought we could address vocational jumpstarts and how that can help us jump back into writing, too.

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Unexpected genre

I like dreaming big. And, whenever I’ve thought about getting into fiction, I’ve known what genre I wanted to write. Precisely. I mean, I have a narrow vision that captures me pretty spookily. Except. It seems like the cosmos have conspired against that for the time being. Now I’m thinking about trying a genre I’d always respected but personally sworn off. Am I crazy? I think I may go for it. I mean, 🙂 I’d sure tell you to go for it, if something grabbed your attention for a spell, planned or otherwise!

Still, what do you think? Should I start my first attempt at a novel in a new-to-me genre? Should I type up previous notes instead? Should I outline or just write away?

I’m excited thinking about writing regularly again. Making a good, old-fashioned go of it! Sure, I’ll have days of despair and knocking my head against my desk, but, well, I’d have those days anyway! 😉

I’ve been editing for a spell. Imagine a great big whoosh as I sigh in relief that I’m thinking elsewhere now.

Happy writing!


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Editing down theology

Editing down words and editing down theology are two totally different things. Both can stink. In fact, both can be excruciating.

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Looking for Inspiration to Write?

Posts don’t get simpler than this: a link to save when you want tips to get inspired to write.

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The Garden of Eden

Some in this world believe fiction is better than reality. Isn’t that problematic for Christians in a number of ways? (Responding to that hypothesis could be another essay in the group project applying a theological understanding regarding fiction!) And, are we ready to leave the actual creativity of God’s beauty in this world out of the picture? Maybe I’m overly speculating, but let’s consider how beautiful the Garden of Eden may (easily) have been before the fall.

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Planners and Pantsers

Here’s an article that was sent to me a while back about “planners” and “pantsers” in the novel writing process, exploring how some authors plan while others prefer writing by the seat of their pants or other artistic impulse. But, while it’s an essay on how to write a novel, what I find additionally interesting is how many particular authors view(ed) the writing process, both planners and pantsers.

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It isn’t Far

We live in unique times. I don’t always think of it that way, but it occurred to me that, for so long, the same needs simply sought different escapes. Nowadays people can’t even agree on what basic human needs are. As a society, we are actively blurring the few lines that existed throughout time and civilization. But, if you are looking for inspiration, it isn’t far.

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Time Commitment

It’s pretty rare to find someone who can make a big time commitment to anything, let alone writing. We may put pressure on ourselves, but juggling hectic schedules isn’t always a personal matter. We may want to write more than anything in the world, but that doesn’t mean we are actually able to find that hour or two. And, what if we don’t feel inspired when we actually have a bit of time on our hands?

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