Time Commitment

It’s pretty rare to find someone who can make a big time commitment to anything, let alone writing. We may put pressure on ourselves, but juggling hectic schedules isn’t always a personal matter. We may want to write more than anything in the world, but that doesn’t mean we are actually able to find that hour or two. And, what if we don’t feel inspired when we actually have a bit of time on our hands?

I’m a big believer in not putting too much pressure on oneself. One can only exert so much pressure before getting exhausted, and one can only take so much pressure before one bursts or collapses under the strain.

It does take time to write, and it can need commitment. Rereading drafts can be awful! Opening yourself up for criticism–not only from others but from yourself!–can be nerve-racking, even counter-productive. Will you really write more when the demand on your time and energy seems to increase exponentially?

Thankfully, can’t we be grateful for something staring us in the face though maybe we haven’t acknowledged it in a while? Finding inspiration is part of the writing process. Taking care of yourself is part of maintaining a potential pace of progress.

If you only have a few minutes, jot down a thought or expression. Poof, you’ve written. You’ve also reminded yourself that you have thoughts and expressions, and that it’s ok to sneak inspiring bits into your day. If you only have ten or twenty minutes, but the juices are really flowing, frankly that might still be the most productive time of the day, sometime week. And that’s ok. Those words prove you’ve produced!

I don’t want to be dismissive of those who discipline themselves to write for a certain amount of time every day. At the same time, don’t let that stop you from writing. There aren’t rules for being a writer except, you know, at some point you need to have written. Which means you more than likely already qualify!

I keep meaning to write about inspiration, but the words aren’t settling where I’d like them to be, so let me ask you a question. Answer here or Facebook, wherever. Do you need to wrap your mind around your own inspirational finds or do you like to start with an idea and let loose?

Either way, I hope you keep writing, and I’ll do the same!

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  1. Myrtle Bernice Adams

    For the most part, with nearly all my writing, I set my fingers to the keyboard and see what comes. I’ve always admired those who plot and plan with their fiction and outline and organize with their non-fiction. Even with my dissertation, I sat down to write and two months later finished.

    Of course, with all my non-fiction writing (primarily scholarship) I research and then rehearse what I learned with any and all near me, which is why it was easy for me to just sit down and write.

    My only unfinished novel manuscript is one I tried to plot. Eight-seven rather interesting pages (to me at least) and then nothing because I was trying to plan. I plan out the wazoo in my real life, but in my literary life, I do best by the seat of my fingertips.

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